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Stepparent/Domestic Partner Adoption Investigation Reports

Investigation Report fo​r the Court

Stepparent adoption refers to the legal process of adopting the child of one's spouse or partner. It allows the stepparent to assume legal parental rights and responsibilities for the child. This typically occurs when the biological parent is either absent or unable to fulfill their parental responsibilities and the stepparent wishes to assume those responsibilities or when wanting to secure a legal relationship with an intended parent after surrogacy or sperm/egg donation.


Whether you are petitioning the court yourself or being assisted by an attorney, an Investigation Report is required in a Stepparent /Domestic Partner adoption in the State of California.


In California, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker is permitted to complete the investigation report for the court. Nina Anderson, LCSW is an experienced investigator and is able to assist you with the investigation report portion of stepparent adoption. Using the county probate process, it can take months or even years to be assigned an investigator, and many counties no longer provide this service. Nina is available to start right away and typically is able to complete and file the report in court within a month after the interview is completed. 




Create a legal relationship to the parental relationship that you already have!

Making the decision to have your spouse or partner to become a legal parent to your child is a very important decision. Creating another legal parent for your child can provide additional security for your child.


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