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Stepparent/Domestic Partner Adoption Investigation Reports

Investigation Report fo​r the Court

Whether you are petitioning the court yourself, or being assisted by an attorney, an Investigation Report is required in a stepparent /Domestic Partner adoption in the State of California. Nina Anderson, LCSW has been working with families for over six years, completing the investigation report portion of stepparent adoptions.


Stepparent /Do​mestic Partner Adoption 

M aking the decision to have your spouse or partner to become a legal parent to your child is a very important decision. Creating a nother legal parent for you child can provide ad ditional security for your child as well as create a legal parent-child relationship. 

Additional Information

In California, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker is permitted to complete the investigation report for the court. Nina has been working with families for over seven years, assisting with completing and filing the appropriate court documents.

Unlike waiting for an assignment for a court investigator that may take months, Nina is available to start right away and typically is able to complete and file the report in court within weeks after all documents are submitted. 

Create a legal relationship to the parental relationship that you already have!


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