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Post Adoption Contact 

Determining the type of contact between adoptive parents, the birth parents and the child is an essential foundation for creating a positive adoption. Being able to support a child's identity in a healthy manner is a life long task. Unfortunately, this important aspect of the open adoption process does not always receive the attention needed. 

When deciding on the degree of openness, each person brings to the table their own feelings, including hopes and fears. I can help:

Education and Understanding 

  • Gain a better understanding as to why open adoption is in the child's best interest.

  • Develop positive relationships pre and post-adoption between adopting parents and expectant/birth parents


Creating Meaningful Post Adoption Agreemnts

  • Post-adoption contact agreements can be a valuable tool in facilitating ongoing relationships and connections between adoptive families and birth families. They provide a framework for maintaining contact and support the well-being of the adopted child by honoring their connections to their birth family.

  • Post-adoption contact agreements, also known as open adoption agreements or contact agreements, are legal arrangements made between birth parents and adoptive parents to maintain some level of ongoing contact after the adoption has been finalized. These agreements outline the type and frequency of contact between the birth parents, adoptive parents, and the adopted child. The specific terms of these agreements vary depending on the preferences and needs of all parties involved.


Navigating and Creating Relationships

  • .Create meaningful and practical Post Adoption Contact relationships

  • Work with you to better understand open adoption, the benefits to the child's identity formation, and the range of different levels of contact


PACA Support and Mediation

  • Support with challenges in post-adoption contact and communication.

  • Navigating relationships and expectations as a child grows.

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