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Information about Counseling for Expectant and Birth Parents


Considering Adoption as an Option

Facing an unplanned pregnancy is an extremely challenging time. If you are considering adoption as one of your options, it is important to have the space, emotional support, and information to better anticipate how your decision will impact you and your child, now and in the future. 

Counseling can offer a neutral space where you can explore your feelings and goals.

Learning more about your rights and preparing for the adoption p​rocess

Each person brings to an adoption her or his own past experiences and knowledge. As you consider adoption, it will be important to learn about the most current adoption practice and laws that may impact you and your planning. There are many rights that you may not be aware of, including the right to legal representation, pregnancy-related living expenses, health care, and mental health support**. There are many different steps to an adoption plan that may be confusing. 

Adoption Counseling can provide support as you select adopting parents, plan for your delivery, as well as understanding openness in adoption,  post-adoption contact agreements, and the relinquishment process.

**May vary from state to state


Self Care

No matter where you are in your life (planning an adoption, have recently placed your child for adoption or have placed your child for adoption years ago) you deserve support and care. Investing in yourself, gaining support and tools to manage your experiences, including grief and loss, trauma, and self-esteem, is extremely important for your health and well being, for now, and in the future.

You can utilize time in counseling any way that you want. Having a safe, caring and nonjudgmental therapist can help you process your feelings and support you as you heal and grow.  

Naviga​ting Relationships

As you go forward making decisions for you and your child, others in your life may or may not be supportive. You may be dealing with challenges from the other birth parent, your parents, siblings, children, friends, and coworkers. Others in your life may not be emotionally available or supportive during this time. Or, they may have strong opinions that are negatively influencing you.  Counseling can give you tools to navigate these relationships as well as skills to feel more empowered.


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