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 Nina provides a supportive and interactive experience with a direct, comforting,  and realistic approach. She possesses a deep understanding of the issues involved.

Adoptive Parent Counseling

The path to creating your family through adoption can be full of joy and challenges. This experience can be both positive and enriching as​ well as potentially bring stress, grief, sadness, and anxiety. Each person brings their own experiences, hopes, beliefs, fears, and feelings, all of which may impact their adoption experience. 

Whether you are a pre-adoptive parent navigating the emotions as you approach the adoption process and your feelings about parenting, or an adoptive parent needing support with the complexity of adoptive parenting, a supportive environment with an adoption-competent therapist can help.


Expectant/Birth Parent Counseling

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy, I can provide you with a safe and supportive environment where we can sort out your thoughts and feelings as you make plans for the future. Making an informed decision is an important element that may affect your feelings in the future.


After the placement of your child, I will help support feelings of loss and grief, trauma, depression, and anxiety, whether the placement was recent or years ago. We will work together to heal and grow for a positive and enriched future. I will support you in your role as a birth mother.


Search and Reunion Support

Adoption search and reunion counseling is a specialized form of counseling that focuses on supporting individuals who are involved in the adoption process and are seeking information about their birth families or are interested in initiating contact and reuniting with their biological relatives.


Adoption search and reunion counseling can be beneficial for adoptees, birth parents, and adoptive parents, as it addresses the unique emotional and psychological challenges that can arise during the search and reunion process.

Mother and Daughter

Artifical Reprotductive Technolgy

Self Esteem


Grief/Loss Healing
Trauma Recovery


Eclectic Approach

Life Transistions
Relationship Support
Career Transistions

Older Teen
Couples in Family Formation

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