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Adoption on the radio!
Nutritional support for children adopted internationally
The Benefits of Open Adoption Mediation
Workshop-Creating Meaningful Future Contact Relationships and Agreements
Attachment Workshop for Adopting Parents- 10/27/13


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Adoption on the radio!

I had the pleasure of being a guest on "The Week Starts Here" hosted by the amazing Veronica Faisant on KPFA. Along with Michelle Nobriga, a seasoned adoption professional and adoption search expert, we had the opportunity to continue the adoption conversation.  I want to thank the many callers who phoned in with their unique stories and questions. Their input and perspectives highlighs the emotional and complex journeys and feelings of those personally involved in the adoption triad.

Nutritional support for children adopted internationally

As you begin your preparation for an international adoption, there are many topics to familiarize yourselves with so that you can be as prepared as possible. Continuing your education is an excellent way to utilize your time as you wait for a referral as well as a proactive way to stay involved in your adoption process.  There is an upcoming webinar presented by Adoption Learning Partners that addresses nutritional concerns and provides tips to help children catch up and thrive. I highly recommend joining in on this informative webinar.

The Benefits of Open Adoption Mediation

In open adoption in California birth parents and adopting parents have an opportunity to create a future contact agreement that will define the type of contact that the birth parents will have with their child and the adopting parents, after the child has been placed for adoption. These formal post adoption agreements, sometimes calledKinship Agreements,are formalized in writing and filed when the adoption is finalized.
Some birth parents and adoptive parents create formal written contact agreement worked out before the birth or soon after the baby is born and placed.

Workshop-Creating Meaningful Future Contact Relationships and Agreements

Creating Meaningful Future Contact Relationships and Agreements

Creating and navigating future contact relationships is very important in the open adoption process. This workshop will provide adopting parents a deeper understanding of the issues and how to navigate the process of developing and navigating future relationships and agreements. Topics include:
  • What is an open adoption and why is it important?
  • Tools to develop healthy, meaningful and realistic relationships and how to navigate them.

Attachment Workshop for Adopting Parents- 10/27/13

Enhancing Attachment Relationships in Adoption
Presented by Devon Rubin, LCSW

This workshop is designed for parents who have or will be adopting their child through international adoption. We will address the special challenges of children who have experienced multiple settings or institutional care.
  • Gain a more in depth understanding of attachment and child development.
  • Learn effective and practical parenting tools to promote and enhance attachment.
  • Gain a greater understanding how a child builds a core sense of self and identity.

Save the Date!!! On Your Feet Foundation Fundraiser

Save the date! On Your Feet's annual fundraising Gala is Sunday, October 6, 2013 (4-6 pm)
register at www.onyourfeetca.org

On Your Feet Foundation is an amazing organization that provides support and services to birth mothers. Peer support, mentors, retreats, and grants for counseling and education are some of the wonderful services this organization offers. I strongly encourage you to attend!

Upcoming workshop for Adopting Parents

Preparing for the Hospital and New Born Care
Don't wait until you are matched, be prepared! You never know when the call may come.
When:   July 27, 2013
Where:  9:30 a.m. - 2 p.m. (with 1/2 hour lunch on your own)
             at the Offices of Nina Anderson, LCSW

Upcoming Community Event

A Community Conversation on LGBT Inclusive Comprehensive Immigration Reform
Wednesday, May 29

Do you have questions about the proposed Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill?
Do you want to better understand what's at stake for LGBT and immigrant communities?

Panelists will discuss various aspects of the reform, including family unity, asylum, and detention issues, pathway to citizenship, and other measures that will greatly impact our diverse LGBT and immigrant communities. You will also have a chance to get answers for your thought-provoking questions!

Building Bonds of Attachment: Practical, Expert Advice -Webinar March 12, 2013

I wanted to share with you an upcoming Webinar offered by Adoptions Learning Partners on March 12, 2013 at 7:00 to 8:00 pm (Central Standard Time. I had the pleasure of hearing Deborah Gray speak and I highly recommend her book, Attaching in Adoption.

Secure parent-child attachments are essential for children. Often, adoption can pose challenges to the attachment process. Circumstances prior to adoption, either in utero, in an orphanage or in foster care, can create serious barriers to attachment.

Upcoming Adoption Conference in the Bay Area

There is a wonderful adoption conference coming up on March 9, 2013 in Oakland, CA. Adoption, A Lifelong Journey, is sponsored by the On Your Feet Foundation, Pact, Adoption Connection, Adopt, and Our Family Coalition. This conference is for birth parents, adoptive parents, adoptees, siblings, extended family and advocates of adoption. Key note speakers are Joy Maguire Pavao, an adult adopted person, and Brenda Romanchik a birth parent. There will be fantastic workshops addressing race and adoption, birth mother needs, sibling, by/in adoption, handling changes in the family, adoptions in the schools, and many more interesting topics.