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For Adoption Crossing Families

This page provides Adoption Crossing Families with information regarding the 90-minute educational counseling sessions included in the Adoption Crossing program. This session will provide a tailored opportunity to learn more about issues in adoption, dive deeper into adoption issues that you may be struggling with, as well as to provide additional learning resources.  


90 Minute Session

This 90-minute session held via zoom will give you an opportunity to:

  • Explore your feelings about important adoption issues such as transracial adoption, substance use in pregnancy, open adoption, and mental health issues.
  • Learn more about expectant mothers and birthmothers and learn ways to build a positive relationship pre and post delivery.
  • Better understand how to develop a positive post-adoption contact relationship and why it will be beneficial to your child.

In order to maximize your session, please prepare some areas that are important to you so that we will be sure to address them. Nina has a well-defined agenda but wants to make sure that your needs are met.


Setting your Appointment

 To get started, please take the next steps.

  • Please email Nina at Nina
    • Please write "Adoption Crossing Client" in the subject bar so that I can give you first priority.
    • Don't forget to leave your full name and phone number. 
  • OR, contact Nina via her "contact" page.
  • Once an appointment is set, you will receive an invitation to Nina's portal to complete a few intake forms.
  • All meetings are on zoom.

I look forward to supporting you in your adoption journey!



801 Portola Drive, Suite 203, San Francisco, CA 94127        415.871.7902 or

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