As an educator, Nina provides:

  • In house workshops.
  • Educational workshops for agencies, attorneys, or conferences.
  • Private Consultation Services to agencies, attorneys or other interested parties.


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Preparing for the Hospital and New Born Care
Don't wait until you are matched, be prepared! You never know when the call may come.

August 27, 2016 CANCELLED- Will be rescheduled Fall 2016
Preparing for the hospital (provided by Nina Anderson,LCSW)

Learn how to prepare for the time at the hospital from the pre-delivery period , the birth, and the post placement time. Gain an understanding of what to expect at the hospital, how to support the birth mother, and develop skills to manage this emotionally charged time. Also timelines regarding relinquishment and post hospital contact with birth parents will be reviewed. (9:30-11:30 a.m.)
Newborn Care (provided by Rosangela Branganca, Post Partum Doula)
Go home from the hospital feeling confident. Learn the basics of
newborn care including feeding, bathing,diapering, sleeping, attachment and bonding and more.  (12:00-2:00 p.m.)

Creating Meaningful Future Contact Relationships and Agreements

Creating and navigating future contact relationships is very important in the open adoption process. This workshop will provide adopting parents a deeper understanding of the issues and how to navigate the process of developing and navigating future relationships and agreements. Topics include:
  • What is an open adoption and why is it important?
  • Tools to develop healthy, meaningful and realistic relationships and how to navigate them.
  • How Future Contact Agreements are made and the “who, what, where, whens and whys”.
  • Fears, realities and misconceptions of openness in adoption.
  • Step by step guidance in developing agreements during the matching process and post placement.

Education Hours may be applicable to home study education requirement depending on your agency.
When: TBD

Space is limited, pre-registration required.

Next Class- Summer 2016. Please Call Nina for a private consultation session.

 Attachment Parenting in Adoption
Presented by Devon Rubin, LCSW

Coming Soon
Many children have never had a stable adult in their lives (such as children who have been in the foster/adoption system or in overseas orphanages). Exploring the work of Holly Van Gulden, this workshop examines the effects of this lack of attachment: how healthy attachment is related to all areas of development and how it is necessary for development of one’s sense of self (identity) and self-esteem.  After completing this workshop you will understand how to do a basic assessment of a child’s developmental stage and how to intervene to establish attachment, in order to help a child feel grounded in their family, and later in their world.
Topics include:
·      Parenting children who have had very early breaks in attachment and how it affects the different developmental stages.
·      Understanding specific symptoms that often arise.
·      Gain new parenting tools to address problem behavior and increase positive and healing interactions with your child.
·      Learn ways to to enhance your skills in helping children develop a core sense of self and a genuine sense of self-esteem.


Coming Soon

Substance Use and Pregnancy

To be scheduled:

This workshop will help to provide clarity as to the risks of substance use during pregnancy. Topics will include:

  • How are expectant mothers evaluated for substance use
  • Learn about specific drugs and their possible outcome
  • Issues for an adoptive parent

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