Match Evaluation

When presented with a lead by your adoption professional, you often have little time to evaluate all the information and determine if the adoption situation will be a good fit for you. As an unbiased adoption professional, allow me to assist you with:
  • Risk Assessment (substance use, mental health, and medical issues)
  • Future contact decisions
  • Financial concerns
  • Separating fears and concerns about parenting from elements of the match.

Due to time pressures, last minute appointments or phone consultations are available.

   Creating Future Contact Agreements

Determining future contact between the the adoptive parents, the birth parents and the child is a very important element in creating a positive adoption. Unfortunately, this important aspect of open adoptions does not always receive the attention needed. In deciding on future contact, each person brings to the table their own feelings including hopes and fears.
My services include:
  • Working with you to better understand open adoption, the benefits to the child's identity formation, and the range of different levels of contact.
  • Helping all parties come together to create a plan that feels comfortable and one that will provide a healthy and supportive level of contact for the child.
  • Support and advocate for you in developing an agreement.
  • Draft a future contact agreement to be shared with your agency or attorney.

 Post-Adoption Services~Establishing or Reestablishing Contact  

  • Are you hoping to establish or reestablish contact with your child's birth parents or with your birth child and the adopting parents?
  • Was future contact minimally discussed at the time of placement and now, years later, you are wanting to reach out but do not know where to begin?
  • Did you have contact initially but it has diminished over time?
  • Is your child reaching an age where he/she wants more information about his/her birth history and you want to learn how to respectfully reach out?

I provide support and guidance as you approach the topic of opening or reestablishing contact. I will help you evaluate and determine the next steps, always keeping the child's best interest in mind.

Services for Attorneys

  • Adoption Service Provider (ASP) for the State of California
  • Expectant Parent Assessments
  • Expectant Parent Case Management Services
  • Birth Father Service and Notary
  • Future Contact Agreement development

  Services to Adopting Parents

  • Birth Parent Profile letter
  • Outreach
  • Parenting Preparation courses

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