The path to creating your family through adoption can be one full of joy and challenges. It can be a very positive and enriching experience, yet the process itself may be stressful and difficult to navigate. We can work together throughout your journey of exploring if adoption is the right choice for you, through the different stages of the adoption process. I can help you process topics such as transracial adoption, risks and possible outcomes, and issues of open adoption and and future contact.

In adoption, each person brings their own experiences, hopes, beliefs, fears and feelings, all of which may impact their adoption experience.We will work together to reduce anxiety, help you and your partner become a team, and assist you in navigating the process.

  • Individual
  • Couples
  • Support Groups

My approach is supportive and personalized. I recognize that talking about adoption honestly and authentically is not always possible with our friends or family. I believe that with support, information and realistic expectations, your adoption journey will be a positive and meaningful experience. 

Whether you are just starting to explore alternative routes to parenthood to gain a better understanding about the process or you are ready to to move forward in becoming a parent through adoption and want to learn about your options; my extensive knowledge of adoption systems will help you find the adoption path that is right for you.
I will explain the different routes to adoption including:

  •    Domestic Open Adoption
  •    International Adoption
  •    Foster Care Adoption
  •    Step-Parent/Domestic Partner
  •    Relative Adoption        
        Having the opportunity to learn in depth about your options will help you to determine which path is best for you.


I feel strongly education and information about the process will provide you with a sound foundation as you move forward. Information is key! I provide individualized and group education sessions with topics including: 

  • What is Open Adoption?
  • Developing a Relationship with Expectant/Birth Parents
  • Evaluating Factors in a Match
  • Transracial Adoption
  • Creating Meaningful Future Contact Relationships
  • Understanding Risk Factors Affecting a Pregnancy (Drug/Alcohol Exposure, Mental Health, Health Risks)
  • Preparing for the delivery and hospital experience

Nina Anderson, L.C.S.W.
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