As a Licensed Clinical Social worker with over fifteen years of experience, I have designed a practice that recognizes diverse paths to family. I offer counseling, education and consultation services to those working towards forming a family, specializing in the area of adoption, infertility, as well as assisted reproductive technology and surrogacy. I also provide counseling to expectant parents, birth parents and adoptees. Because I believe each journey is unique, I respect what you have experienced and will help you discover and reach your goals. This mindful approach allows me to bring an open mind and heart to each situation. I will honor the trust you place in our partnership.

  Comprehensive Adoption Related Services

I offer counseling in the area of adoption. The path to creating your family through adoption can be one full of joy and challenges. I will help you gain insight and understanding, and provide ongoing support and guidance as you move forward in becoming parents.

My practice also includes an educational component to provide more clarity and understanding of each step of the process. I strongly believe that gaining information and knowledge regarding specific adoption issues will allow you to make decisions that you feel are best, as you create your family.

If you are seeking information to find a starting point or you have questions along the way, my consultation services can help you.  Learn about the differences between domestic open adoption, adoption through the public child welfare system, and international adoption.
I strongly believe that a crucial ingredient to your adoption experience is individualized support, counseling and education.


As a therapist, I work with individuals and couples who are experiencing the challenges of infertility. Infertility can be a life changing crisis filled with a wide range of intense emotions. We can work together on medical decision making, navigating the relationships with professionals, friends and family, and coping with your emotions. Exploration of alternative paths to family can also be explored in a safe and supportive environment.

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